Innovative camera solutions with AI

“Coming from research in autonomous driving, GmbH offers machine learning based products and services for industrial automation and quality assessment.”

Nicolai Behmann, Founder


Just as humans, our products use visual sensors for automation and quality assessment. Using different spectrums and characteristics from light, objects can be classified and detected for different applications.

Machine Learning

Our products use best-performing state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks. These algorithms, also applied in autonomous driving, are robust and precise, even with small amount of data.

Without Programming

With our intuitive software, picture acquisition and labeling is as easy as writing an email. Without any previous knowledge on computer vision and artifical intelligence, our algorithms will automate your application in minutes.

Our camera solution

Learning from your employees and co-workers by training an artificial intelligence. Simply capture pictures from your application and label them accordingly.

Additional services

Do you have an application that can be solved by human vision? We help you out with our machine learning expertise and affinity for fast and simple solutions, powered by