The solution to protect your employees and customers.

A solution for shops, plants or offices.

Shop features:

Quantity of customers in the store

The camera automatically counts people entering and leaving. Thereby you can limit the number of people in the protected area.

Mask detection

Only want people wearing masks to enter the protected area? The integrated AI is capable of detecting those.

Shopping cart detection

The visual AI is also able to detect shopping carts in front of people. Thereby only those can be allowed to enter.

Plant and office features:

Fever detection

With a highly accurate thermal imager, measures the maximum surface body temperature in the face of automatically detected persons in front of the camera device.

Safty glasses detection

Using the integrated camera, is able to automatically detect (safety) glasses and to permit the entrance of those people.

Mask detection

Only want people wearing masks to enter the protected area? The integrated AI is capable of detecting those.

Camera Specification


Our software is served in your browser with standard web technologies (No installation required)

Thermal Camera

A highly accurate thermal imaging sensor is able to measure the temperature with an error less than 0,1 °C in the imaging area.

Integrated Camera

We included a 5 MP RGB camera in to detect faces, masks, glasses, shopping carts, etc.

WiFi connection

Simply connect your tablet to the camera-integrated WiFi hotspot and you are ready to use the simple web interface.

Passive cooling

Our full alloy anodized housing with integrated heat spreader abandons moving parts.

High Performance PC features a novel computing architecture, able to compute Machine Learning tasks at less than 2W power consumption.

How to install

When preparing the camera installation at the entrance, you should first limit the area for entering the building to a width of about 1.5 m. If you want to use our additional function of determining the number of people in the building, this should also be the only exit. Mark a line on the floor where the person should stop to be measured. Shortly after the line, the camera should also be mounted so that it is directed obliquely at the face of the person. We also recommend that the feedback tablet be mounted at eye level.

After the preparation of the entrance including mounting of the camera. Now connect power to the camera and the tablet. The camera automatically turns on and flashes. The camera will also activate the Wlan in the camera so that you can connect to the tablet directly after you have turned it on. Finally you start the live stream by clicking on the app.